Rich’ jobseeker blasted online for asking if you could live on £120K in London

An anonymous jobseeker from America has posted on Reddit to ask others if a wage of £120,000 would be sufficient in London, and shocked internet users were quick to mock the post

A ‘rich’ jobseeker has been blasted online for asking if you could live on £120,000 in London.

The anonymous question was posted on Reddit by a man who wanted to move from the states over to Britain, after being offered a job with a salary of £120,000, plus bonuses of up to 25 per cent – as My London reports.

Some internet users issued a stark warning to the anonymous poster, saying that a pint of beer costs around £80,000 in the capitol, while a few others were more helpful – highlighting the cost of raising a family in London.

While the original post may have sparked some debate, the jobseeker should be fine as his wage towers over the average in London – which sits at just £41,000.

The original post said: “I am living in the US and have been offered a job in London. Is £120k + up to 25 per cent bonus enough for a family of four?”

The post proved popular with Reddit, and soon mocking comments came flooding in.

“You might be able to find a bedsit in Slough” one user chimed in.

And another wrote: “You might just get by, but now a pint costs £60,000 (£80,000 in central) I would look at limiting trips to the pub to once a week.”

Then, someone made a mock version of the original post, and said: “Been offered a job in London paying salary of £6 million a year with a 50 per cent bonus and have around £8m in savings. Will I be able to afford it?

“Have to support my pet hamster… I’ll of course need to send him to fee paying hamster school when he’s older though so will need to budget for that. Can’t have him brushing shoulders with the lower classes at state school.”

But others users couldn’t take the jokes and took a more serious, and helpful, approach – pointing out that the original poster had said the money would have to support their partner and two children.

One of them said: “Remember due to tax a single income of £120K is about the same as two incomes of £50K each (also still very good salaries, but you wouldn’t exactly be ‘rich’ on this in London).

“Also remember the original poster is just asking a question here, having not lived on this city. The scoffing replies aren’t helpful.”

“Tons of idiots who make a sport at scoffing at the ones who manage to do well for themselves.”