What links rooster, bear, lion and palm? The Weekend quiz

The questions
1 Which novel takes place on one day in June 1923?
2 What was guarded by the bronze automaton Talos?
3 Which Australian prime minister was born in South Wales?
4 What had the longest tail of any animal that ever lived?
5 Whose body was identified by Edith Swanneck?
6 Which first name means “horse loving”?
7 The Fox sisters popularised which religious movement?
8 Which film comedy was set at Faber College?
What links:
9 Chelsea; Scary Monsters; Satisfaction; The Dock Of The Bay?
10 Holiday at sea; North star; three-pronged spear; French for flying fish?
11 Rooster; bear; lion; palm?
12 Alaska; Washington; Oregon; California; Hawaii?
13 Jodie Turner-Smith; Claire Foy; Natalie Portman; Vanessa Redgrave?
15 Dresden Elbe Valley; Oman Oryx Sanctuary; Liverpool waterfront?

The answers
1 Mrs Dalloway (Virginia Woolf).
2 Crete.
3 Julia Gillard (nine others were born in New South Wales).
4 Diplodocus.
5 Harold II (after Battle of Hastings).
6 Philip/Philippa (from Philippos).
7 Spiritualism.
8 Animal House.
9 Song titles minus parentheses: I Don’t Want To Go To; And Super Creeps; I Can’t Get No; Sittin’ On.
10 Types of missile: Cruise; Polaris; Trident; Exocet.
11 Golden film awards: China; Berlin; Venice; Cannes.
12 US states on the Pacific.
13 Played Anne Boleyn on screen: 2021 TV series; Wolf Hall; The Other Boleyn Girl; A Man For All Seasons.
14 Scans used in medicine.
15 Lost status as Unesco world heritage sites.