Rum Wonders Camp

Rum Wonders Camp is located in the heart of Wadi Rum Natural Reserve, surrounded by desert. It offers private, Bedouin tents and horse rides through the desert. The Rum Wonders serves traditional, local dishes by the campfire or in the communal tent. Guests can also participate in cooking meals for dinner, and the camp also arranges Bedouin Parties with native Bedouin singers, as well as Bedouin Proposal Parties for young couples. The property can organise tours through Wadi Rum Natural Reserve, including camel tours and jeep tours. Balloon tours, hiking and trekking activities can also be arranged. The Rum Wonders also offers shuttles from and to Wadi Rum, including Borders, Aqaba and Petra. Aqaba King Hussein International Airport is a 40-min drive from Rum Wonders Camp.

Wadi Rum, Rock Bridge
77110 Wadi Rum